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Testimonials from Professionals

"In November 2009 I spearheaded a team of top deck builders who took on the project of learning and testing six CAD programs. I then wrote an article for Professional Deck Builder Magazine's November 2010 issue. It is interesting to note that all four team members are now using Realtime Landscaping Architect as their primary drawing tool. Even though I spent several years helping to guide the development of DeckTools and have used Softplan for the past 15 years, I have to admit that Realtime Landscaping Architect is the finest deck drawing program out there. It's by far the easiest to learn and fastest to draw and is second to none in the quality of their 3-D renderings. This program is definitely worth every penny of its very reasonable price. It will help you impress your clients, win more jobs, and put more money in your pocket."

- Contributing editor for Professional Deck Builder Magazine, and owner of Artistry in Decks Olympia. WA Kim Katwijk

PS My ranking of the other programs we tested is as follows:

  • Realtime Landscaping Architect
  • SoftPlan
  • Chief Architect DeckTools
  • DeckTools
  • SketchUp Pro 7
  • VizTerra

"Don't be fooled by the low cost of this program. This is a very powerful program! It can and will create anything you wish for in your outdoor design. With almost unlimited colors, textures and objects that can be customized to your taste. A very realistic 3d rendering to create photos, walk-throughs or even movies you will be guaranteed to impress your customers! I don't know of any program that has so many capabilities at this cost. It can be overwhelming all the options you have at your fingertips but surprisingly it is very easy to learn. This is a great sales tool for 3d renderings and you won't be disappointed."

Clemens Jellema

"It is rare that we come across a tool that has so much value at a very reasonable price. This software is just the tool that every single deck builder should have! The ease of use, the intuitiveness, the quality of the 3D renderings, and all the landscaping features a professional could ever hope for, at a price up to thousands of dollars less than the competition. We can't wait to show it to all our clients!"

Dave Bartnik
DECK MASTERS of Canada Building Supplies

"As a professional deck builder for the past 15 years we have tried every type of design software out there. The latest version of Realtime Landscape Architect is far and away the best we have ever used. From the stunning photo realistic renderings to the absolute ease of use this software is a must have for anyone serious about backyard design."

Jay Oliver
Long Island Decking

From Jason Russell:

"Dude- I am so pissed at deck tools. Here is a copy of the message I just sent them:

I've got to let you know first that I have 8gb ram installed in my cpu.
I have been using different design software for awhile and decided to try to draw a round deck with a 10' radius in DT. After completing the deck, the program shows an out of memory error message. This is a very frustrating problem that I continue to have and DT can't seem to rectify it. I have decided as of this moment, I will no longer use your software to design my decks. I feel there are better programs for less money on the market and you guys are way behind the curve. (literally) You keep promising all the cool features we ask for but don't deliver. How about a refund?
I'm pissed off that I have been waiting for so long and have been loyal to using your software, and I can't even design a simple curved deck let alone a frigging hand railing that looks decent on a curve. I'm done. Iam now Realtime Landscaping Architect all the way."

Jason Russell
Dr. Decks
Tacoma, WA

Testimonials from Homeowners

From a First Time User of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Program
"I'm a too-focused-on-the-vision-to-bother-with-the-details kinda' galdwith too many possible design ideas. In my head it looks spectacular, then halfway through the project, I realize the flaws in my design. That's why I needed a fast way to get a real life image of what it would look like. When I found Realtime Landscaping Architect I braced myself for the tedium of learning to draw and actually being able to maneuver through the program. I was elated! I was able to draw out my entire piece of property, and my entire home was in a 3-D world in less then an hour! I get to draw all of my ideas and really experience them."

-Sheena Klien

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